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Why is the Cambrian Park Kiwanis tree lot missing this year?

The Kiwanis Club of Cambrian Park (KCCP) Christmas Tree Lot, an event of 38 Years, was conceived to replace the long time running Downing Center Kiwanis Fourth of July “fire-works” stand “fund raiser”, which had become obsolete when fireworks were outlawed. The tree lot continued at Downing for a few years, until relocating to the Leigh High School parking lot (thanks to the generosity of the Campbell Union HS District).

During mid 2017 we were advised by our tree supplier that trees would not be available for some extended period of time due to years of severe drought. This added to the projected high prices of willing providers further increasing the pressure on our Tree Lot Program.  With these facts known, the KCCP Board of Directors considered the situation and decided it was in the best interest of the club to discontinue the tree lot.

We are sincerely disappointed that the KCCP Tree Lot must end along with our long standing relationship with customers that have faithfully provided Kiwanis business and friendship over the years. KCCP apologies for any inconvenience or hardship caused by our tree
lot discontinuation.